If you follow these simple proceedures from start to end your faulty Camera will be recovered perfect and you will be using it again well within the hour. This website has had over 150 hours of Design and Development work carried out on these Recovery programs. These programs will not only recover your camera, but also leave it with the very latest updates installed in it.

The cost to pay and help with ongoing and future Development of this website is a fixed payment £1.50. You will also be provided with full personal support if you have any difficulties in following these SIMPLE proceedures. If for any reason the recovery program does not totally recover your camera back to full working order, then I will personally work with you to find the cause and provide you with the perfect solution at no further cost. The only reason that it would NOT recover, would be a Hardware fault in the camera itself, that would make it difficult to repair remotely.

And finally, after you have used this Special Recovery Program and it has successfully recovered your camera back to full working order, the same program can then be used to Backup and Restore your new firmware in your camera. The packed.7z file contains all the information you will need to Recover, Backup, and Restore in the form of two pdf Manuals made SIMPLE.

I will pay £1.50 to support future developments
No, I don't wish to support you