1. When connecting your Eken camera to the PC, always use the USB 2.0 ports AND NOT the USB 3.0 which are not compatible with the SPCA6350 drivers. The Eken camera will not be recognised correctly, when viewed with Device Manager.

2. If the Eken camera, "Freezes" OR will not "Power up" after a firmware upgrade, then please do the following :-
Remove the battery for 5 seconds, then re-insert it again, this action will "RESET" the Eken H9 camera. Next push and hold the "Power ON" button at the front of the camera, hold it pushed in for at least 8 seconds, the camara should now start working correctly.
This is always recommended, whenever the camera "Freezes" or when it will not "Power up".

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You can also obtain my Latest YouTube Tutorial Video, that goes through the whole Recovery process from beginning at STAGE 1 (Installing SPCA6350 drivers onto Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10), all the way through to STAGE 5 (Using FRM.exe to fully restore your Eken camera back to "as good as NEW")
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